OPEN House - July 17,  2021

Thanks to Fellowship Bible Church and all the volunteers who made our open house such a special day!

Moving Day!

Thanks to all the volunteers who came and helped us clean and begin the move into our new building.

FEllowship Youth worship team

Thank you for coming to volunteer.  We always enjoy having you serve with us!

Elite Blinds and shades

Thanks to Kim Cohen from Elite Blinds and Shades for the donation of blinds.

FIS Charity Day

The FIS Systematics Product and Development teams joined together to help paint the inside of the Crisis Closet.  Thanks to all who participated!  I hope everyone can come by and see their work.


Our sincere appreciation goes to Riley Gift and Todd Hall from the Cantrell Road Sherwin-Williams store for the donation that they made to our new building.  Their generosity was a true blessing to us.

David New/Stan Harris D-Group

Many thanks to members of the Harris/New D-Group from Fellowship for volunteering their time to help us cover our floors with paper.  The group effort made a large job go quickly. 
We appreciate you!

Ricky Youngblood and Youngblood Electric

Many thanks to Ricky Youngblood of Youngblood Electric for his commitment to support the Crisis Closet.  Thank you for donating your time and material.

Mary Katherine and Piper Henderson

Many thanks to Mary and Piper for the donation of socks, t-shirts and underwear.  Little Piper just turned one and wasn’t able to have a traditional birthday party due to COVID.  Mary gave Piper a drive-through party and asked that instead of gifts, donations of under clothes be made to the Crisis Closet.  Thank you Mary and Piper for supporting your community and being so selfless.

Tommy Puckett and Pella Products of Arkansas and Missouri

A tremendous thank you to Tommy Puckett and Pella Products for the donation of the windows for our new building.  We are so grateful for their generosity.

Adam Sauer Fellowship D-Group

Thank you to the members of the Sauer D-Group from Fellowship for volunteering with us on March 13.  Their help was greatly appreciated!

Blue and You Foundation of Arkansas

Many thanks to the Blue and You Foundation of Arkansas for the mini grant which will allow us to purchase some items that are needed for our new building.  

We truly appreciate their support!

Fellowship youth group

Thank you to all who came on Saturday, February 27 representing the youth group of Fellowship.  We truly appreciate their enthusiasm for serving the community of Roland.


Our sincere thanks go out to the employees of FIS.  FIS has supported the Roland Crisis Closet for over ten years, most recently with a $5,000 donation towards our building fund.  Their continued support has enabled us to continue serving the Roland community.


A sincere thank you to the Windgate Foundation which has generously agreed to partner with the Roland Crisis Closet to help complete the fundraising for our new building.  In December Windgate gifted RCC with $10,000 and agreed to match up to an additional $10,000 in donations that are received between January 1 and March 31, 2021. 


Thank you to the volunteers who came representing the youth group from Fellowship Bible Church.  They were a great help during our Christmas giveaway on December 19.

Halff Associates

The employees of HALFF Associates did a food drive within their company and donated all of the food items to RCC.  They concentrated on items that would be needed for Christmas Dinner.  Their generosity will help to feed over 60 families during our Christmas food distribution day.


West Rock Landing did a fundraiser for us during the month of October.  They donated all launch fees and also gave their patrons an opportunity to give a donation.  Their fundraiser provided the RCC with $3,511 which will be used towards our building campaign.


Joseph did a reverse trick or treat in his neighborhood and collected canned food items from his neighbors instead of taking candy.  In addition he asked friends and family to donate to RCC instead of giving him birthday presents which resulted in an $800 donation to our organization.  


Sally recommended RCC for a charitable donation to her company, HALFF Associates.  This resulted in a check for $500 which was used to help purchase special food items for Thanksgiving for 50 families.

God is blessing RCC!

A generous gift will help us relocate the ministry of Roland Crisis Closet

to a new building in the Roland area!