Hebron Baptist Church

Thank you to the faithful volunteers and the members of Hebron Baptist Church for their support.

Christ Church

Thank you to the faithful volunteers and the members of Christ Church for their support.

Whalen/denton 4.0 team

Thank you to this great group of ladies for serving and supporting RCC.

Rusty GOSvener, Jordan Hadley and

Interstate Tire NLR

Thanks go out to Rusty, Jordan and their coworkers at Interstate Tire for making Christmas a reality for the Children of the Roland Crisis Closet.  

Chelsea Kennedy Cook

and West Rock Landing

Our sincere thanks go out - again - to Chelsea and West Rock Landing for partnering with RCC for their Fall Fund raiser.  This year's total of $4296 will go a long ways toward feeding needy families in central Arkansas.  Thank you Chelsea!

Jonathan davis D-Group

Many thanks to the men of the Jonathan Davis D-Group for setting all of our Azalea's in the front flower beds.  We can't wait until Spring to see them in full bloom! 

Adam Sauer D-Group

Many thanks to the men from the Adam Sauer D-Group for their help installing a sprinkler system in the RCC Flower Beds!

Allen Grimmett D-Group & Fellowship Youth Worship team

Thanks to the Allen Grimmett D-Group and the Fellowship Youth Worship Team for their enthusiastic help at the Roland Crisis Center on October 9th.  It was another great day of supporting our local charity! 

Davis D-Group

Thanks to the Davis D-Group for helping stock our shelves on the 1st annual Fellowship Local Serve Day.  

It was great having your families at RCC!

OPEN House - July 17,  2021

Thanks to Fellowship Bible Church and all the volunteers who made our open house such a special day!

Moving Day!

Thanks to all the volunteers who came and helped us clean and begin the move into our new building.

FEllowship Youth worship team

Thank you for coming to volunteer.  We always enjoy having you serve with us!

Mary Katherine and Piper Henderson

Many thanks to Mary and Piper for the donation of socks, t-shirts and underwear.  Little Piper just turned one and wasn’t able to have a traditional birthday party due to COVID.  Mary gave Piper a drive-through party and asked that instead of gifts, donations of under clothes be made to the Crisis Closet.  Thank you Mary and Piper for supporting your community and being so selfless.